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A Forge City Works social enterprise in partnership with Connecticut Foodshare.

Our mission as an organization focuses on providing job training, food access, and creating sustainable social enterprises to help people change their lives. For many years, as part of our food access mission, we have sponsored and hosted the Farmer’s Market on Broad Street. We are excited to announce a new project, in partnership with Connecticut Foodshare, to open a neighborhood grocery store to serve the needs of the Frog Hollow community.

This small non-profit neighborhood grocery will address the challenges the community faces accessing quality, fresh, wholesome food and groceries.  While our model will focus on addressing both food insecurity and food access, it is a grocery for everyone – not just those in need. We will be offering programs such as “SNAP Doubling” and a sliding scale pricing model. Our goal is to destigmatize the process of getting needed assistance and food access.

In addition to providing fresh produce, meats, dairy, and staple groceries, we will produce our own fresh ready-to-eat meals, breads, granola, sauces, dressings and more. These products will be produced by our culinary job training trainees. The store will also provide first-job experiences and job-readiness training for those interested in retail, with a particular focus on disengaged and at-risk youth.

Significant funding for this project is coming from a federal grant secured by U.S. Congressman John Larson to Connecticut Foodshare. This $250,000 grant will allow us to open this innovate model that can be reproduced in other neighborhoods and cities.

Join our community advisory team by contacting Ben Dubow at (860) 548-9877 or



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