“I decided to participate in the program because of the opportunity to get more cooking experience. I gained more people skills, and you feel more comfortable opening up. I am proudest of working with Ruby. I really learned how one little thing could really change the taste of things. I hope to start working at Bear’s BBQ to get the experience of a restaurant with a food truck. I hope to have my own truck with a mix of Italian and Puerto Rican food. In the program, the most important thing was to get a better understanding of cooking. I always wanted to cook. This program really gave me a leg up in the culinary world. People should know that the Billings Forge Community Works program builds you up, and helps in more ways that one. If you’re a person struggling to get out of your own way, this program really helps you. They gave me the chance to do things on my own. It gave me that sense of awareness that I am capable.”