We provide on-the-job training for people over the age of 18 with barriers to employment, such as poverty, incarceration, or the experience or risk of homelessness, and addiction/recovery. 

Our goal is to help people move from: unemployed/underemployed >> job ready >> career path >> living wage.

Our core 16-week Level 1 program focuses on:

  1. Critical Life Skills
  2. Core Industry-Specific Skills
  3. On-the-Job Training and Experience

All of our career pathways focus on food and hospitality, and include: culinary/kitchen, dining room/bartender, retail grocery, and events/property management.

Upon completion of our Level 1 training, next steps include:

  • Transitional Employment for additional skills development
  • Internships or Externships for focused learning and professional growth
  • Employment with one of our Employment Partners or a local employer

As trainees experience the challenges and successes of employment, our Level 2 training invites them back for a series of professional development classes, workshops, and opportunities. These additional training experiences equip trainees to advance in their current job and begin a real career path.

Level 3 training continues the journey and offers management-level training, which can lead to excellent careers and professional opportunities.

This whole process is intentionally designed so that we can walk with our trainees over the course of months and years and make sure they get the coaching, encouragement, skills, services, and supports they need to maximize their talents and potential.

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