The Farmers Market is a place where corporate employees venture into the neighborhood, where seniors and SNAP recipients stretch their food dollars, and where communities co-mingle.

We will continue to participate in Wholesome Wave’s national data collection efforts to move national policy for nutrition benefits; in Connecticut-wide work to align and promote incentives; and in our own Hartford collaboration with other markets.

We have a goal of $11,000 in SNAP benefits redeemed at the market by 2021; we will double the value of these purchases for low-income shoppers. After two years of promotion of the farmers markets, SNAP users were three times more likely to shop frequently at the farmers market, a change that was not seen in non-SNAP shoppers.

Unlike many organizations, we have an existing capacity to both purchase at wholesale and to accept SNAP, which opens possibilities for us for direct food sales to the community. We are exploring the best way to deliver healthy food in the winter months with our key partner, Hartford Food System, and continue to explore new ideas that have meaningful impact.