Dear Forge City Works Friends, Family & Supporters, 

It’s been one year since we lost our visionary leader here at Forge City Works, Cary Wheaton. Not a day goes by where we do not think of her or share a funny anecdote about her.  

Her passing was a challenge for all of us at Forge City Works both personally and professionally. We were all grieving and doing our best to uphold her legacy and vision for our work despite the challenges the pandemic created. We’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on our work, but also learning how we can grow and deepen our impact. 

Cary’s life work was to create opportunities for marginalized and struggling populations through job training and economic development. We honor her legacy by doubling down on our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and are now well on our way to creating a new equitable restaurant model focused on making sure that the future is bright at the highest levels of the restaurant business …for everyone.  

We have been proud of the Cary Wheaton Memorial Fund and are so grateful to all the wonderful people who donated in her memory.  So far, a portion of this fund has helped us pay for educational workshops for the team and will do so much more for years to come. 

This year has turned a corner for FCW. We welcomed a new Executive Director in March, who has a commitment to honoring our past while creating new and innovative paths for our future, with many new projects on the horizon.   

Our Vision remains, making lives better through the power of food. 

Thank you for your support and friendship. And if you have a chance this week, lift a toast to Cary – we miss her, but her legacy lives on. 


Becky McGuigan
Associate Director