(Photo Credit: Winter Caplanson/Connecticut Food & Farm)

We excited to update you on the progress we are making with our new restaurant, Fire by Forge!

  • We are finalizing plans, ripping up carpets, ordering equipment, and getting ready to begin actual work in the next few weeks.
  • We are interviewing and building our restaurant management team.
  • Our culinary team has been busy doing “kitchen R&D sessions” as we develop and refine our new menu.
  • Starting November 1, our catering will begin to reflect the new brand and concept! This will be the first official “brand rollout” for the new restaurant.
  • Our holiday offerings (Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, holiday party menu, etc) will also be reflecting our new style, flavor, and brand!

While we can’t yet pin down an open date (you know, supply chain and other issues), we expect to be launching in the first quarter of 2023.

What can you do to help support this exciting project? (Thanks for asking!) Here are a few ideas:

  • Join our FOUNDER’S CLUB! By making a monthly pledge of $75 or more (or making an equivalent one-time contribution), you will be a member of our Founder’s Club for 2023. This will entitle you to discounts every time you eat at the restaurant, inclusion in our “soft opening” friends and family pre-launch events, as well as special invitations and access to events throughout the year!  (Plus you get to tell people you a member of our Founder’s Club and we will even post your name on our website!) (click here)
  • Let us HOST OR CATER YOUR HOLIDAY PARTY! Let us host your holiday event our party at The Lyceum or The Kitchen Café this year! Or order platters and other party essentials from our catering team! We also offer team building cooking classes and culinary experiences, which make for great holiday celebrations for groups of friends, coworkers, or whoever you want to spend time with! (click here)
  • Make an End-of-Year gift to help support our JOB TRAINING PROGRAM! Our social enterprise café, catering and (soon to be) restaurant only exist because of our work training folks with serious barriers to employment so that they can overcome those barriers and start a new career path. Help us help them with an investment in our training program! (click here)
  • Invite a FRIEND TO LUNCH and continue to support THE KITCHEN CAFÉ! Our café is where we provide on-the-training for our trainees! Come in and enjoy a meal and support our trainees! (Open Monday thru Friday, 8am-3pm). (click here)

We are so thankful this season for your partnership and support. Together, we can use the power food to help people improve their lives!

With gratitude,

Ben Dubow

Executive Director