Dear Friends:

Happy 2023 and we hope you are having a great new year so far. Here at Forge City Works, we cannot be more excited about 2023, the opening of Fire by Forge, and the continued increased impact of our job training program.

Just a couple of quick updates for you:

  1. We are targeting a March opening for the restaurant, though I am learning not to get too tied to dates. We still face challenges in terms of supply chain for equipment and construction, etc. But we are making progress!
  2. We are definitely in the “create more chaos” stage of the project – demolition, getting rid of old equipment, etc. But it is exciting to see!
  3. Look out over the next couple of weeks on our social media about our leadership team coming together for the restaurant – we are incredibly excited about the hospitality and culinary teams that we are creating!
  4. Have you checked out our website? – sample menus and more! Check it out, share it, give us feedback!


Over the next couple of months, you will also be seeing some FxF specials showing up on The Kitchen menu. So be sure to come on in!