Forge City Works, a local nonprofit that provides food access and job training programs to the Hartford community, is hosting its 2nd annual Farm Fresh Box Fundraiser, with the support of Whole Foods Market as its presenting sponsor, to help put more food on the table of those who need it most.

The box will feature local seasonal vegetables with additional pantry staples to create a healthy meal at home for you and your family. Recipes will be included in English and Spanish to offer some cooking inspiration.

“One of our primary focus areas as an organization is to provide increased access to healthy and wholesome foods for our neighbors in the Frog Hollow community. We know that access to fresh, wholesome, clean foods makes a huge difference. Our relationship with Whole Foods Market is pivotable in our efforts to make a difference in Hartford,” said Ben Dubow, Executive Director of Forge City Works.

FCW operates the Farmers Market at Broad Street, a weekly summer farmers market that brings much-needed fresh and local food to the city while drawing people together in community. A substantial portion of Hartford residents are low income with little access to a grocery store, so the market is an important seasonal source of fresh produce for many, especially seniors and families with children.

As one means for increasing access to healthy, locally grown food, the market is one of six Hartford markets that participate in the Double Value Coupon Program (DVCP), a national non-profit program that provides customers with an incentive to spend their SNAP dollars at farmers markets by doubling the value of SNAP they spend on produce.

Boxes are $55 each and serve two people. Proceeds from this fundraiser will support Forge City Works efforts to increase access to fresh and local foods. For every box purchased, Whole Foods Market will match the purchase price of a box to allow us to provide a FREE box to a SNAP recipient up to $5,000.

Pick-up will be on Thursday, June 30th from 11 am to 2 pm at the Farmers’ Market on Broad Street (539 Broad Street Hartford, CT 06106). People are encouraged to take a stroll, enjoy live music and shop from local farmers and vendors.

For more information and to purchase a box visit:

About Forge City Works: Founded in 2007 as Billings Forge Community Works, Forge City Works is a Hartford-based non-profit with a café, catering business and a farmers’ market. The Kitchen located at 559 Broad Street, Hartford host the organization’s culinary job training for youth and adults with barriers to employment. More information is at