In Memory of Cary Wheaton

Founding Executive Director
1955 – 2021

Her Legacy

Cary was a renowned restaurateur with award-winning restaurants in Hartford and Boston, including Firebox, Full Moon, the East Coast Grill and the Blue Room. Her strategic mind, entrepreneurial spirit and passion proved that sustainable social enterprises have a positive impact.  Her life work was to create opportunities for marginalized and struggling populations through job training and economic development. She was a true collaborator; her impact will be felt across our city for years to come.

We remain committed to continuing Cary’s legacy and the mission of Forge City Works; making lives better through food.

The Cary Wheaton Memorial Fund

In her memory, we have established The Cary Wheaton Memorial Fund to support work that she cared deeply about: creating equity in the restaurant industry.

“At least two years ago, before the pandemic, Cary said to me, Before I die, I want to do something about racism in the culinary field. It’s not okay that a field I love, that has meant so much to me, has such segregation,” said Mary Cockram, Forge City Works’ longtime grant writer.  “She wanted to take the next step and be a model for equity in restaurants here in Connecticut.”

Make a gift today and join us in continuing her life’s work.